my portfolio graphic designer/
front-end developer

Born in 1991 in Belgium, I went into arts culture in 2010, when I started my studies in advertising. During the following two years, I opened myself to this studies and through this one, I focused on graphic design. I'm also passionated by object design and yes, I’m happy when I see a wonderfull table or chair. In future, I will learning more about this activity and combine design with my profession. In my last year, I did a long intership in Oilinwater Studio: inside our contemporary loft, perched on the summit of Brussels, two peoples graduate from "La Cambre" are working: Matthieu Gorissen, art director and Lola Tonneau, graphic designer. In our team, I had the opportunity to learn more about the profession. The end of my intership closed aslo my studies, finished with high distinction. A couple of weeks later, I was chosen as winner of "les Rendez-vous du Pixel".